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System pri napadeni objektu nalezne nejblizsi hlidku bezpecnostni agentury a automaticky zasle alarmovou zpravu na mobilni telefon. Operator vidi na monitoru pocitace misto v napadenem objektu i jeho polohu. Stejne tak vidi i polohu jednotlivych hlidek bezpecnostni agentury. S rozvojem technologie GPRS budou informace o napadenem objektu automaticky zaslany do prenosneho pocitace zasahujici hlidky, kde budou graficky zobrazeny jako plan budovy a misto napadeni. Timto bude zajisten nejen rychly zasah, ale i ochrana ucastniku zasahu. System je vyvijen pro technologii GPRS vcetne prenosu obrazu.

Spolecnost SGS, a.s. Vam nabizi produkt k hromadnemu osloveni uzivatelu mobilnich telefonu, sberu informaci od uzivatelu a jejich vyhodnoceni. Produkt SGS Marketing lze vyuzit v ruznych oblastech. Uzivaji jej media v pripade pruzkumu verejneho mineni nebo soutezi, marketingove a reklamni agentury, ktere jsou zamerene na vyzkum trhu a sociologicke pruzkumy, agentury poradajici spotrebitelske souteze atd. Ze stejnych duvodu jej uzivaji i obchodni retezce, pojistovny, stavebni sporitelny atd. Zakladni charakteristiky systemu SGS Marketing. Spolecnost SGS, a. s. Vam nabizi produkt pro komplexni a operativni sledovani provozu (zabezpeceni, stav surovin, financni toky, servisni prace, navrh tras pro doplneni atd.) prodejnich automatu prostrednictvim site GSM a sluzby GPRS. Produkt je zalozen na oboustranne ON-LINE komunikaci mezi centrem, resp. sidlem firmy a monitorovanymi prodejnimi automaty. Komunikace probiha prostrednictvim sluzby GPRS.

Spolecnost SGS, a.s. se zucastnila IV. rocniku mezinarodniho veletrhu informacnich technologii a komunikaci ITC Prague 2002. Velky uspech zaznamenaly produkty SGS Vending pro monitorovani prodejnich automatu, SGS Industry pro prumyslove rizeni a monitorovani zarizeni a SGS Marketing pro poradani spotrebitelskych soutezi. Ve stredu zajmu dominoval produkt SGS Monitor GPRS, jako univerzalni prumyslovy GPRS modul.

The importance of telecommunication in modern society

Telecommunication has gained a very important role on modern society. It allows an optimum flow of information from one place to another. Clever escorts are aware of the advantages provided by this dynamic to the development of a company and the improvement of its productivity.

Boost your business development taking advantage of technology

Every corporation faces the challenge of having an optimal communication with clients and suppliers. This need can be covered by making an adequate use of the resources offered by developing technologies.

Through the use of modern tools like laptops and smartphones, it is possible for an entrepreneur to assist to any meeting without living the town. In this way it is possible to formulate proactive strategies to boost the development of the company. Your acquainted escort can help you to take the most of these technological improvements to promote your business.

The main goal of a company is to reach as many potential clients as possible, and to gain their preference. That is a very difficult task in the modern competitive world. However, there are revolutionary marketing strategies that can take your business to the next level through the use of benefits provided by telecommunication.

One of them is known as Marketing 3.0. Experienced escorts from https://www.eros.com/ know the main benefits it can provide to the growth of your business.

After the emergence of social networks and the possibility of having the feedback of consumers, companies changed their policies and focused their strategies on potential clients. As a result, Marketing 3.0 emerged giving the customer preferences the attention they deserve.

Positive opinions and the loyalty of satisfied costumers promoted the development of many successful corporations. Your smart escorts like those from EROS have the knowledge and the expertise required to assist you on taking advantage of this new approach to increase the profits of your company.

The role of telecommunication in the development of a successful company

Marketing 3.0 emerges as an improvement of promotion strategies through telecommunications. It allows the costumer to access to the services offered by the company from any part of the world. Seasoned escorts understand how important it is for your business to create a presence on the internet through a constant interaction with potential and current clients.

Modern technology makes it possible through the implementation of communication platforms always available. Surveys made by reputable institutions reveal that costumers prefer to hire the services of a company capable of providing them a 24 hours support. This feature increases the reliability of the corporation which in turn gains the fidelity of the client.

Telecommunications play a fundamental role on the implementation of Marketing 3.0 strategies. Your skilled escort can advise you in regards to how to use them to differentiate your company from other competitors.

The application of communication systems also offers the company the opportunity of reducing operating costs. For instance, the use of automated machines reduces the need for manual labor which in turn reduces the expenses in salaries.

A clever escort can recommend you reliable IT solutions that allow your business to engage on video conferencing as a substitute for holding personal meetings. As a result you will be able to be present whenever you are required without having to spend time and money on travels.